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Tuesday May 24th, 2016 


Scorched Tundra is proud to announce the entire lineup for its sixth edition. This year’s installment – taking place on September 2nd and 3rd at The Empty Bottle in Chicago – will feature Scorched Tundra alumni, as well as the most devastating bands from around the USA. This year’s lineup is as follows:

Day 1 | Friday, September 2nd


Day 2 | Saturday, September 3rd


Tickets can be purchased in advance at the following links beginning on 5/27 at 10am:
Day 1 ($15):

Day 2 ($15):

Tickets will be available for purchase in person – without service charge – at Local Option (1102 W. Webster, Chicago) on Wednesday June 15 at 7pm.

Scorched Tundra is an annual metal festival organized by Pivotal Rockordings founder and Local Option director Alexi Front. The festival’s mission is to give a new generation of talented bands from Scandinavia and abroad a unique live platform. Scorched Tundra’s billing – based on sound not stature – creates a unique listening and visual experience for the audience. Scorched Tundra VI marks the first time the festival will be held in Chicago after five years of captivating audiences in Gothenburg, Sweden. In addition to the festival’s lineup, Local Option Bierwerker’s world class beers will be exclusively available on draft both days.

BONGRIPPER is one of the most well-known contemporary doom metal bands. The Chicago-based instrumental four piece has released six full length LPs over ten years, several split albums and seven inches as well as a live album and LP from the bands 2012 performance at the legendary Roadburn Festival. Known for its explosive and crushing live sound, BONGRIPPER’s most recent LP Miserable was released this summer 2014. The band will be headlining Scorched Tundra VI for the second time, following an appearance at Maryland Deathfest and a European tour.

MONOLORD is arguably the most unique fuzz trio active in Sweden. The band’s debut effort Empress Rising (Riding Easy Records, 2014) received wide praise from the European and American metal press. Picking up where SLEEP and ELECTRIC WIZARD leave off, MONOLORD creates its own space in an increasingly crowded genre, interspersing trippy vocals, earth rattling bass and an overall “fuzzed out landscape.” The band released its sophomore album Vænir (Riding Easy Records, 2015); have floored audiences at Roadburn and Desert Fest London; most recently taking Europe by storm with WE HUNT BUFFALO. The band’s Scorched Tundra VI Day 2 performance comes during the bands maiden headline North American tour.

FALSE is a black metal project hailing from Minneapolis, MN. The sextet defines itself as “black metal for post apocalyptic desolation” and it’s 2015 debut full length untitled album delivers that sentiment. FALSE will be making its premier performance at Scorched Tundra VI on Day 1. 

THE ATLAS MOTH fuses blues, doom, and psychedelic rock. With layers of rumbling guitars and synthesizers, the Chicago based five-piece, take a more textural approach to metal; creating a maelstrom of heavy riffs and swirling atmospherics that evokes ISIS and PINK FLOYD in equal measure. The band made its full-length debut on Candlelight Records in 2009 with A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky, following up in 2011 with An Ache for the Distance, which was released on Profound Lore. Expect an enthralling set during the band’s Day 2 performance at Scorched Tundra VI.

BEASTMAKER blend stoner and psychedelic rock elements to create a unique sound. The Fresno, CA based trio are a quality addition to Scorched Tundra VI Day 2, on the back of performances at Desert Fest London and Roadburn.

OOZING WOUND is a Chicago-based trio specializing in destructive thrash. The band released their first two records (Retrash, 2013; Earth Suck 2014), via Thrill Jockey records. OOZING WOUND sends the audience into insanity with their simultaneously hilarious and terrifying blend of heavy riffage, crushing rhythms and piercing screams. Having made a name for itself both locally and internationally at festivals such as Roadburn, OOZING WOUND will use Day 1 of Scorched Tundra VI as an opportunity to showcase its new drummer.

SWEAT LODGE is aptly named, as the sound produced by this Austin TX, vibe tribe is best experienced in a dark, smoke filled room. Eschewing modern tendencies in heavy music to rely on brute force, the group combines epic, technical songwriting with enough neolithic heaviness to keep the cavemen happy. Founded in 2010, the band developed a groove-laden sound that relied on Caleb Dawson’s heavy yet nuanced backbeat and the saturated tone of Austin “The Shock” Shockley’s gnarled bass-fuzz, laying the foundation for singer Cody Lee’s soaring vocals. Day 2 of Scorched Tundra VI will mark SWEAT LODGE’s first performance in Chicago.


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