Self20cover_notitle_375Swedish guitarist/vocalist Christian Älvestam’s (SOLUTION.45, MISERATION, TORCHBEARER, ex-SCAR SYMMETRY) Departure Theme – Single will be released digitally on August 5th, 2013 through Pivotal Rockordings.  The Single will feature two audio tracks which were not available on the original digital release of the Self 2.0 album, and are meant to complement it.  Self 2.0 was originally released on October 19th, 2012 exclusively in all major web-retail outlets and streaming services via Pivotal Rockordings.  A music video for the “Departure Theme” track will also be made available.

The leading single, “Departure Theme,” and additional track, “City of Sand Castles,” are both tracks which were recorded after the digital release of Self 2.0 and recently included on the physical version of the album released directly by Christian Älvestam through his own production company.  In order for digital music fans to have access to all available tracks, the two additional tracks have now been made available digitally as Departure Theme – Single.  The artwork is an adapted version of the cover used for the physical version of Self 2.0

The physical version of Self 2.0 which includes these two addition tracks, is available for purchase at

A sample clip of the solo EP Self 2.0 is available at

The full track “Once Adreamed,” also from Self 2.0, is available at

IMG_8517-pixlrChristian Älvestam is perhaps most well known in the metal community as the singer on SCAR SYMMETRY’s first three albums and current front man in SOLUTION.45. However, his involvement with MISERATION, UNMOORED, TORCHBEARER and additional contributions of his signature vocal style as a guest on DEMON HUNTER and BLOODBATH releases have also helped Älvestam’s name become a fixture among hordes of fans.  Outside of the heavy metal realm, Älvestam also garnered fandom in the house music scene through his collaboration on a single MCD with DJ HENRIK B, entitled Now and Forever. The single not only received rave reviews in the electronic music scene, but also was immediately picked up by DJ Tiesto, who played it in regular rotation on his world tour to tens of thousands of people.

However, Self 2.0 and the accompanying Departure Theme – Single tracks that supplement it are something different from what fans may expect from the singer/songwriter and it is perhaps best to let Älvestam explain:

“It’s not exactly a secret that I have a weak spot for more pop-oriented stuff – especially in the vein of the sound of the ´80’s. In fact, I have always been listening to softer music, alongside the heavier stuff, which is probably why my own music so often, unintentionally, tends to end up being a mixture of the two. I simply can’t help myself when it comes to merging the aforesaid styles together, it seems.”  “What can you expect of “Self 2.0” then, taken as a whole? Well, if you, like me, dig bands/artists such as Michael Cretu (Sandra/Enigma, etc.,) Krister Linder (Grace/Dive, etc.,) 30 Seconds To Mars, Mute Math, Nephew, Dead Letter Circus, Pendulum, Mew, The Radio Dept. and so on, chances are “Self 2.0” may strike your fancy!”

Departure Theme – Single Digital Tracklist

1. Departure Theme

2. City of Sand Castles


Self 2.0 Digital Tracklist

1. Once Adreamed

2. Time to Let Go

3. Origins

4. The Unforsaken

5. En Knippa Ljung


Self 2.0 Physical Tracklist

1. Once Adreamed

2. Time to Let Go

3. Departure Theme

4. Origins

5. City of Sand Castles

6. The Unforsaken

7. En Knippa Ljung